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IAS became the first independent rebuilder of Beardsley & Piper automatic molding equipment in 1975. Since then, steady innovation and consistent quality has made us the rebuilder of choice among foundries across North America. Through this experience, IAS has learned the traditional flask problem areas and what rebuild methods insure the maximum service life.

The IAS Flask Rebuild...What To Look For

Proper Flask Heights: All mating surfaces are machined and made parallel. Additional metal stock is added to restore proper dimensional height where required.
Durable Liners: All interior surfaces are specially blasted and prepared for better elastomer bonding.
Cheek Flask Details: Cheek flasks come with new steel wear plates with brass vent plugs pre-installed. The pattern mounting holes are restored to like-new condition.
Finishing Touches: All flasks are returned with their required bushings, guide pins, and locking hardware.

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