Beardsley & Piper flask rebuilding
IAS has over 30 years of experience in restoring B&P flasks to like-new functioning.

Parts for Beardsley & Piper Blowatic molding machines
Many of our parts are improvements over OEM designs.

Clamp assembly rebuilding
We can restore this component to like-new performance.

On-site consulting
With our decades of experience with Beardsley & Piper Blowmatic machines, we are uniquely capable to provide training and on-site repair at reasonable cost.

Welcome to Industrial Automation Service, Inc.

"Industrial Automation Service has been proud to serve the foundry industry for over thirty years. I feel one of the most important services we can provide our customers is honest advise. Our experience with Beardsley & Piper Match Blomatic equipment can be your solution."

Thomas Greer

We now stock the hard-to-find Nylon vent plugs used in Beardsley & Piper flasks.

IAS has new stock on slotted brass vents used in Beardsley & Piper flasks. We offer these with three slot widths; 0.014", 0.020", and 0.030".

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