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B&P Blowmatic molding machine parts

IAS offers a complete line of high-wear replacement parts for the Beardsley & Piper BSM Blowmatic 2016 and 2620 machine. Many of our parts feature field-tested design improvements.

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Flask remanufacturing

IAS has over 30 years of experience in restoring the B&P flasks to like-new functioning. Some notable design features include our modular drag blow slot seal, replaceable flask mating surfaces, improvements in theĀ mold squeeze hydraulics, and mechanical bonding techniques to increase the life of the flask liners. The results of our service and engineering increase the mold making productivity, and gives longer flask life for B&P foundries.

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Clamp assembly remanufacturing and repair

Is a leaking clamp assembly costing your foundry thousands of dollars in wasted hydraulic fluid, poor mold hardness, wasted cleanup time, and adverse environmental conditions? We can restore this important component to like-new performance.

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Consulting and engineering services

We work directly with foundries to perform major maintenance tasks that otherwise would require costly downtime and freight charges to have the work done outside. The on-site training involved often leads to your own maintenance personnel performing these tasks in the future.

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